Important for all vessels that are still awaiting drydocking: With SKF BVI’s “Statement of Infeasibility” you will meet VGP 2013 requirements

Is your ship already underway but has not yet been fitted with sterntube seals that resist Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAl)? No problem – you are still permitted to use mineral-based oils until the vessel’s first drydocking after 19 December 2013. However, to be compliant with VGP 2013 regeulations, you will require a so-called “Statement of Infeasibility” to be issued to you by SKF marine. Unless you have this document, operating a vessel without EALs is not legal.

It's this easy to get your “Statement of Infeasibility”:

  1. Send an e-mail to the SKF Marines VGP expert team at:
  2. Please state in your e-mail your IMO number and the name of your ship.
  3. We will immediately send you the necessary “Statement of Infeasibility”.
Request a “Statement of Infeasibility” directly!

Very important: At your next drydocking, i.e. the first drydock visit after 19.12.2013, you must convert your vessel to conform to the VGP 2013 requirements.


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VGP 2013 conformity – it's that simple!
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